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Hi, I have aquestion on what symptoms are associated with low cortisol levels. A few months ago one of my blood tests showed a low cortisol level. but all the tests came out fine, including the pituitary tests. I was given hydrocortisone but have been real stubborn about taking it. I was hoping it was just a temporary and I heard hydrocortisone is dangerous. I get really tired when I take the pils and it is hard for me to work. Is it possible to take the pills long enough for your body to heal? or do you have to take it for life once you start? I really dont feel that bad when im not on them. My only symptoms are tremors at night when Im going to sleep, a little shakiness sometimes, and foamy urine. My kidney tests came out fine and the urine tests also. Last night I took half a pill and noticed that there was no foam in my urine when I woke up. Not sure yet if it was a coincidence till I try again tomorrow. What is the foam? is it sodium or potassium? I read it might be protien. but that would show on my urine tests right? I think the tremors are because of a mineral imballance. I can't figure out what I need more or less of. Ive heard low cortisol can cause too much potassium but the pills cause too much sodium. I guess I have to really dedicate myself to the pills to know which one to go by. I just hate that they make me tired all the time and I feel horrible if I miss a pill. Sometimes its hard to eat everytime I take them. I guess you can see im really scatterbrained right now. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
P.S. my blood pressure hovers around 135/70. Shouldn't it be low if my cortisol levels are low?
ZJ, not taking steroid at bedtime is a huge myth. I'd say 1 in 5 that try it say it keeps them awake. That means 80% benefit. I couldn't sleep well until I took a bedtime dose. Taking at bedtime can help you sleep better and may give you energy when you wake.

I agree with Wanda, potassium is the enemy for an Addisonian

If you are getting bloated, then you are taking to much salt or drinking to much water or both. Your are the first person I've heard of bloating with salt intake. Part of being addisonian (actually 20 isn't low enough to be considered for Addison's, but for adrenal insufficiency, most people you'll find have numbers much lower than you. Addison's term is way over used, most people on these groups have adrenal insufficiency, not Addison's) is listening to your body. If you let yourself become bloated, then you aren't listening. Also, your blood pressure can get to high.

Also you should still take caffeine sparingly

I think we all appreciate how enthusiastic you are for learning about Addison's and adrenal insufficiency (most kids don't do the research), but remember there are a lot of people on this group and other Addison groups that have had the disease a long time and know a lot more than you. It would be wise to learn as much as you can from them.

If you haven't read these books, I recommend you get them

Adrenal Fatigue The 21st century Stress Syndrome James L. Wilson
Safe Uses of Cortisol by Wm. Max Jefferies

Both books you can get on the net, but Safe uses is hard to find (Don't pay more than $60 on auction and book selling sites) except from the publisher which I'm not sure I can give the name of here. Is cheapest buying direct from the publisher ($43).

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