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Dhea level high
Jan 13, 2006
If someone were to have a high dhea level "going by saliva test here" does this mean they are on the verge of adrenal burnout?
Im concerned about a few test I had a few months ago.I posted the results on here but i cant recall if anyone responded or not..I do suffer from hypo still havent reached optimal level yet b/c the t4 makes me feel sick..Now with the test I had below i was on 15 mg of nature throid at the time..T3 was way too strong for me so i was taken off nature throid.. not sure if that was the reasoning behind the cortisol levels being high... So if anyone can help with these test id appreciate it ..thank you ;)

Here they are again ....
estradoil 4. 7 ranges 1.0 - 5.0
progesterone <15 L 100-600
testosterone 19 L 20-50
ratio pg/e2 3 L 50-200
dheas 14.7 H 3-10
cortisol morning 8.6 H 3-8
cortisol night 3.5 H 0.5-1.5

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