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Adrenal insufficiency and hyperthyroid share a few symptoms. If your low cortisol is undertreated, then even 1 grain may cause hyper symptoms as the low cortisol is not enough to break down the T3 from the Armour, so the T3 can build up and cause hyper. Every dose increase it takes 6 weeks for the T4 from the Armour to build up and 1 week or less for the T3 in the Armour to build up. If adrenal insufficiency isn't properly addressed, the T3 can build to high in less than a week, depending on the dose.

I have yet to see anyone that reported hyper symptoms from a low thyroid dose, that I didn't think it was because their adrenal insufficiency was treated properly or in many cases not treated at all.

Here are my collection of adrenal insufficiency and hyperthyroid symptoms.

Adrenal insuffiency

Hypotension (low blood pressure with lightheadedness after standing up)
need for excessive amounts of sleep
chronic, worsening fatigue
Muscle and joint pain
muscle weakness
back pain
loss of appetite
lowered resistance to infection
Salt cravings
low stamina
weight loss
decreased tolerance to cold and subnormal body temperature
poor circulation
low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia)
apathy or depression
low self-esteem due to low energy output
low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid
tendency to constipation


hyperthyroid does not cause an elevated temperature. You feel hotter, you pump out more heat.. but you don't run a fever....
Increased blood pressure
Check respirations, over 20 at rest would be a flag for hyper
Resting heart rate consistently over 100 would also suggest hyper
Increased thirst and appetite with frequent trips to the bathroom to empty 'full loads' (sorry to be graphic, but the trips are needed to empty the system because of the increased intake, these aren't just trips cause you feel like it)
Constant feeling of anxiety, alarm, sense of danger, restless
Excessive perspiration
Easily flushed/blushing
Extremely thin skin over elbows
Muscle twitching
Tongue cramps
Teeth chattering, even when not cold, when stressed or nervous.
Need to move, can't sit quietly
Feeling hot all the time, even when folks around you are cold
Craving strange foods along with the increased appetite
Loss of weight
Insomnia, easily waken
Muscle Cramping

Periods stop

Heat intolerance
Increased bowel movements
Light or absent menstrual periods
Fast heart rate
Trembling hands
Weight loss
Muscle weakness
Warm moist skin
Hair loss
Staring gaze
foot pain

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