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Dear friends,

I think the reason you may not have gotten answers on this board is that people tend to separate Adrenal insufficiency or Addison's or secondary Addison's from adrenal exhaustion. There are even those who argue about whether adrenal exhaustion (usually putting forth the idea that adrenal glands can be temporarily exhausted but then recoop and get better) is disputed by many. There are doubtless many who think this is a phenomenon that occurs, but there are also probably MORE who believe that these signs and symptoms are merely what occurs prior to complete adrenal failure. So many are afraid or reluctant to speak about your topic "adrenal exhaustion". I know, because I was trying to figure out whether you could have temporary exhaustion and recover or not, too, for my son's sake. He shows the early signs, as you two do, but is not tan, nauseaed or experiencing an actual adrenal CRISIS. What blood or urine tests, if any, have you had? You mention wanting to know the stages, but it seems that no matter what stage, the diagnosis would be very helpful to you. Have you had a morning cortisol draw done (blood)? Or a 24 hr. urine cortisol (which some doctors do)? Have you had an ACTH stim test? Have you ever had a thyroid panel done, taken your temps in the morning, had blood tests of your potassium, sodium, renin, aldosterone, ACTH in plasma, MRI of pituitary or adrenal glands? These with some other tests might be advisable. Some of the feelings you describe suggest hypoglycemia (which is common with adrenal malfunction, as well) and/or diabetes (probably hypo.). All of your symptoms are VERY indicative of low cortisol, no matter what stage of adrenal or pituitary weakening. I think the tests would help you more than identifying the stage of adrenal functioning you are in, if I may say so. ~ :wave: Tracy

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