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I recently have been found to have damaged adrenals due to stress. The urination problem was my first bad symptom. I would have to urinate like 5 - 7 times in a matter of about an hour. And I could feel the electrolytes leaving my body as it happened. I believe, along with my nutritionist, that it's due to sugar. Consuming ANY sugar in the form of sugar or alcohol, etc., can gear the adrenals up into "flight" syndrome. The body starts to feel anxious and empties the bladder, etc. I think the symptoms, along with heart palpitations, etc., are all relative to the unhealthy adrenals.[/QUOTE]

Frequent urination, heart palpitations, anxiety and low blood sugar maybe be symptoms of a more serious nature than just adrenal problems. I would have your hormones checked, specifically, thyroid, cortisol, prolactin, LH and FSH, ACTH and urine specific gravity, just to be sure you don't have a pituitary problem or tumor. Frequent urination on the order of 5-7 x an hour sounds more like diabetes insipidus (which is caused by a pituitary problem and is not related to sugar intake).

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