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Have your aldosterone and renin tested. Your doctor should have know to also test that. Do you have a sodium and potassium test from a CBC? These tests can help indicate if your aldosterone might be low. If the sodium is at the bottom of the range or below and the potassium is at the top part of the range or above it, this indicates possible low aldosterone. Many docs think you have to be out of the ranges for aldosterone, sodium and potassium to be treated, but not so at all. The ranges for these are flawed. Symptoms must also be considered along with the numbers.

Deficiencies of aldosterone include low to very low blood pressure and high pulse due to lower blood volume from lack of sodium, desire to eat salt, dizziness or lightheadedness on standing, and palpitations, a pale, hollow face, a drowsy, absent-minded look and frequent urination.

There are different levels of hypoaldosteronism so you don't have to have all the symptoms.

Severe cases may lead to high potassium and low sodium in blood tests. When the adrenals are not making aldosterone, renin, a kidney enzyme, will increase trying to stim aldosterone, but low aldosterone can also be caused by lack of renin enzyme. Without enough renin, angiotensin I and II can't be broken down into enough aldosterone and this is called hyporeninemic hypoaldosteronism.

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