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Has he had any hormone testing? If he has, I recommend you post them here, include the ranges.

Many times the answer lies with hormones, but most doctors are not trained to seek out answers that way, but to treat symptoms with drugs. Take your son to an osteopath as they are very good at find out causes and treating the the causes instead of symptoms. Osteopaths are real doctors. Ask him to check

Cortisol and ACTH
Thyroid (TSH, Free T3, Free T4, antibodies) can cause learning and bowel problems.

Symptoms of low cortisol (adrenal insufficiency)

Hypotension (low blood pressure with lightheadedness after standing up)
need for excessive amounts of sleep
chronic, worsening fatigue
Muscle and joint pain
muscle weakness
back pain
loss of appetite
lowered resistance to infection
Salt cravings
low stamina
weight loss
decreased tolerance to cold and subnormal body temperature
poor circulation
low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia)
apathy or depression
low self-esteem due to low energy output
low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid
tendency to constipation

Symptoms of hypothyroid

difficulty concentrating,
difficulty remembering,
sensitivity to cold,
cold hands and feet,
inappropriate weight gain, or difficulty losing weight,
dry, tangled or coarse hair, and hair loss (Hair will come out in
your hair brush or in your hand as you run your hand through your
hair while shampooing),
hairloss at the outer part of the eyebrow,
brittle fingernails,
muscle and joint pains and aches,
tendinitis of arms and legs,
carpal tunnel syndrome,
plantars fascitis - sole of the foot pain,
swelling or puffiness of eyes, face, arms or legs,
heart palpitations,
low sex drive,
recurrent miscarriages,
heavy, longer, more frequent or more painful menstrual periods,
high cholesterol levels, especially when it's unresponsive to diet
and medication,
worsening allergies,
prickly hot skin,
hives (urticaria),
chronic infections,
including yeast infections,
oral fungus, thrush, and sinus infections,
shortness of breath,
difficulty drawing a full breath,
neck feels full or sensitive,
raspy, hoarse voice

The osteopath should test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies among other things. I hope an osteopath will be able to help your son.

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