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Hi Orion,

Thanks for replying. I didn't think you could diagnose Addison's by simple blood tests. I actually wrote my doctor a letter today insisting that I need further testing based on my severe symptoms alone. I'm assuming my cortisol test came back normal because I never heard from my doctor's office. Anyway, as for my other symptoms, I do have darkening of the skin, but it comes and goes. I'm naturally somewhat tan with a beige complexion, but when I feel my sickest, I have a yellowish/orange tinge and my makeup looks 5 shades too light on my face! Like I said though, it's not all the time. I've heard that with hyperpigmentation, scars and marks also become darker, as well as skin folds, knuckles, and around lips. About eight months ago I developed darkness around the corners of my mouth (it looks almost like there is food stains around my mouth, lol), but it is not noticeable to most people. I sure noticed it, and my boyfriend did as well, b/c he tried to wipe it off. :rolleyes: A couple of scars on my stomach darkened, but if you didn't know me, you would think it was normal, so the hyperpigmentation that I do have isn't very noticeable to a doctor. I don't have frequent infections, but I do have low blood pressure upon standing, and low blood pressure most all of the time that is quite uncomfortable. I should also mention that I have every symptom of CFIDS, and have been sick for a couple of years. Also, I'm only 21 years old, not that Addison's can't affect anyone in my age bracket. I will keep a detailed diary of my symptoms, especially now that I have health insurance. Thanks again.


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