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Hi everyone,

I've posted before, a while back, and have most of the symptoms of full-blown Addison's. I was finally able to get insurance through the state, which isn't too great, but is definitely better than no health insurance. So, since I got the state insurance, the Social Services office had me go to a PCF, or Primary Care Facility. This "Primary Care Facility" is a clinic in the city next door to me, and is of pretty poor quality (not being snobby; the service AND the clinic itself is icky). So, I went the other day, and a doctor, who I couldn't understand very well because she was a resident from Russia? I believe, saw me. She was totally unconvinced that I have Addison's or anything wrong with my adrenal glands just because of the fact that my blood pressure was normal. Now, for some short periods of time my blood pressure IS okay, and others it's horribly low. She said that upon physical examination, she found "nothing wrong with me". Um, excuse me, but I didn't know it was so easy to diagnose a disease by looking in someone's ears, mouth, and nose. She said that she would refer me to a specialist ONLY if she had a reason to, based on one blood test. She said that since I had been to the emergency room at one point and the BASIC blood test (no cortisol testing) was fine, then she was only going to do a test consisting of checking my iron levels, my cortisol level, and Lyme Disease. So, she took blood and said that if, and only if, there was something wrong in one of these areas that she would refer me to a specialist. Aren't my SEVERE symptoms enough to refer me to a specialist? I'm 21 and don't have the energy to walk up a flight of stairs! So, this was last Thursday and I'm still awaiting the test results. So, now that you have a background on the situation, can anyone answer the following questions?

1. What if I don't have full-blown Addison's, and I'm only on my WAY to having Addison's... having adrenal insufficiency. I thought that tests only detect adrenal gland failure if the adrenal glands are 90% non-functional?

2. Even if I do have full-blown Addison's, will anything necessarily show up on a random cortisol test?

3. Is there anything I can tell this doctor to convince her to further test my adrenal glands?

Thanks everyone,

Katalina :angel:

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