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Hi everyone,

New here and making my doctor test me for Addison's disease because his assistant felt I was a 'classic' for it. The primary dr. told me my bloodwork came back normal (although I have had one level of high potassium bloodwork in the past) with no current abnormal levels of anything. But I have not had any cortisol/saliva or urine tests done yet. However after getting on the internet and doing my homework, I suffer from about 13-14 of the 17 symptoms listed and recently have had blood pressure in the 70's/50's, light headedness, nausea, extreme tiredness, very poor appetite, irritable, depressed, etc. I am petite at 5'2" 105 lbs. and his reasoning about my b. pressure was "I'm a small person". My normal bp is 90-94/70-74. So I am pushing to have the work done although he obviously was angry. My question is I don't have the hyperpigmentation; in fact I am very pale skinned. But during my research it said that only 95% of people have the hyperpigmtn. and just bc someone does not have it, does not exclude a diagnosis; that people can have normal appearing skin, too. Does anyone here have Addison's disease and NOT have the hyperpigmentation? :bouncing: I anxiously await some answers. Thanks everyone. This board is very informative!

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