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I dont have problems with exercise, l go lifting everynight and seem to do okay most of the time, l do have extreme fatigue during the day and then feel better at night.
I dont know where my problems are coming from. I know that elevated TSH can cause cortisol levels to go down. I have posted with you on the Thyroid board, so l am still trying to figure out whats going on, is it my Thyroid, Adrenal or somethng else. My problem is l was put on Cortef and Florinef and l got worse, all my symptoms got 10x worse. I then tried Synthroid and LEvoxyl and the same thing happened. So what traditionally is done to fix adrenal and thyroid problems makes we wig out. Why this is l have no idea, l took synthroid for 6 months back 8 years ago and had no problems.
Anyway let me know what you think, do you have thyroid labs that you can post, have you had all your adrenal tests done. Personally l believe in the saliva tests more than the blood and urine tests but most doctors would not agree with me, but what do they know anyway is what l am finding out.
I would have your morning cotisol tested with DHEA, saliva test taken 4 times during the day. I would also have your IGF-1, LH, Renin, Aldosterone and Testosterone/Estrogen and Prolactin all tested to see if you can find anything abnormal.
The funny thing is the Thyroid can make some of these tests elevated like prolactin which can decrease testoserone levels, also thyroid can decrease cortisol.
What are your symptoms, keep me posted on what happens.

Actually, Lucky1, thanks for your comment.... we (I) actually kind of did hijack this thread from Scott, who started it. But I think his correlation was interesting.

Thyroid hormones do decrease with surgery, then they return to previous levels. I am not aware how long that takes.

Adrenal hormones change also, correct? Can anyone comment on that?
Sue, I really don't know. I have such a narrow range of comfort (if you can even call it that). 67 to 68 is ok, although I am cold at the same time. Anything over that, like 70, I just wilt - usually. Then, occasionally I have a day here and there where I hold up fine, work out in the heat, and maybe not even be exhausted the next day. That is extremely rare though (like one or two days a year). On a good day (like once a month), I can handle the summer heat for part of a day, then I get extremely exhausted for the next 2 or 3 days.
Van - I did have the saliva test. Cortisol is normal at morning and midnight, but low during the day. DHEA was low also. Free Testosterone was normal. I have had no other adrenal related tests done to date.

Many people (and Doctors) seem to point to adrenal. Foxfire outlined his beliefs that if anything, it may be just the progression toward Addison's (if I paraphrased that correctly Fox?). I may be asking my Endo to do a full Addison's work-up.

I'm not acclimated yet to know what to do with the other's you suggest:

[QUOTE]I would also have your IGF-1, LH, Renin, Aldosterone and Testosterone/Estrogen and Prolactin all tested to see if you can find anything abnormal.[/QUOTE]

I have done a ton of research over the past few years on Thyroid, and can field most issues there pretty good. But I'm kind of burnt out on that. I'm not loooking forward to doing it all over again with adrenal, unless I'm convinced I have a problem there.

Ya that helps, my saliva labs were the following:
Testosterone: 127 (50-200 pg/ml)
DHEAS: 35.4 (3-10 ng/ml)
Cortisol Morning 6.7 (3-8 ng/ml)
Cortisol Noon .5 (2-4 ng/ml)
Cortisol Evening .7 (1-2)
Cortisol Night 1.0 (.2-1.5)

So as you can see my labs were low also, normal blood tests dont show this very well.
Anyway DHEA is an indication of your stress level, the way my doctor explained it to me was my body is fighting in the morning to make cotisol so my DHEA goes up because of the stress the adrenals are putting on your body. LOW Dhea can be a bad thing because your body isnt able to fight stress off. ITs your bodys way of coping with stress. Your male l am assuming so your testosterone looks good, how old are you, the older you get the lower the valvues. I am 27 and my testsoterone has been as low as 200 with the range from 200-1000. So for a 27 year old male 200 in this type of range is way low.
I would have the doctor do the following labs if you want to know whats really going on with your adrenals:
Metyrapone test (this tests your pituitary function)
ACTH Stim Test: Tests your adrenals to see if they can be stimulated
Prolactin: Cand tell if you have a pituitary tumor
Aldosterone: Another steroid made by the adrenals
IGF-1: Part of the feedback system

These are just some general tests that could give you a little more insight, if you want you can also take adrenal extract, this can help rebuild the adrenal glands, however you shouldnt take the extract if your going to have these tests done. Adrenal Extract will raise your cortisol levels and give bad results for your blood test.
This is a long and slow process, l have had 2 MRI;s of my Pituitary and 2 CAT scans of my abdomen and chest along with having all the labs done twice and sometimes 3 times. Its not easy figurring out the problems the adrenals/thyroid can cause.
Hope this helps let me know what happens.


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