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I have Addisons Disease (diagnosed by having a full blown crisis that put me in a coma) and I was treated for Graves disease 20 years ago, which means I now have low thyroid. Both of mine were autoimmune and I take 50mcg of synthroid, 30 mg of cortef, 1 florinef tab a day. This is just a friendly warning for all of you out there to be sure and get lots of calcium, take actonel or fosamax if they put you on it and be sure to follow directions by your endocrinologist as close as possible. We are still having a hard time regulating my thyroid even though they gave me radioactive iodine 20 years ago to kill it out. It just slowed it down and I still can't take medicines like cold medicines or it causes heart palpitations. I have osteopenia and I am typing with two broken bones in my left arm due to the steroids we take. I am by no means saying I am a pro, but if you have doubts, always ask to be taken to an endocrinologist because they understand these interactions best of all. Good luck and if you have any questions please write me. I will try to help any way I can. This stuff is NO FUN!

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