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My 17 y.o. son has Growth Hormone Deficiency which was already discovered quite late in the game. His endo took him off the growth hormone last July and we just had some labs done and returned for a visit. I just got his labs back and have been reading this board and am wondering if he has adrenal insufficiency as he has many of the symptoms:

low BP/dizziness upon getting up; requires alot of sleep; moody; apathetic; loss of appetite; doesn't socialize like most kids his age; low self-esteem; weight loss; heat intolerance; joint pains, brain fog, among others.

His recent labs are as follows at 9:45am:
IGF-1: [B]147 L[/B] Ref: 193-814 ng/mL
Testosterone: 610 R: 241-827 ng/dL
TSH: 5.35 R: 0.34-5.60 mIU/mL
Free T4: 0.80 R: 0..58-1.64 ng/dL
IGF-II: 994 R: 649-1225 ng/mL
IGFBP3: 4.54 R: 1.70-6.04 mg/L

24H Urine: Total Volume 1500 mL
Cortisol, Urine Free: [B]15.0[/B] Ref: <56.0ug/d
Creatinine, Urine -mg/dL: 78
Creatinine, Urine - mg/day: 1170 Ref: 500-2300 mg/d

Any insight to these lab values would be helpful. He seems to have many of the symptoms and his UFC appears to be on the low end. He did have and ITT for the GHD done a couple years ago which I need to dig up and see what the cortisol did then. But, if Hormoneman, you could give suggestions re: these?

Also, does anyone know of any adult endos or osteos in SE MI that might do extensive evaluation of this and also of AGHD as his Pediatric endo is getting ready to move him out of his practice to an adult doc. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks much. :) Laura

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