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I posted this on the thyroid board, but I will post here also because you all might have more knowledge regarding these kinds of tests.

I finally got my saliva test results.

7-8 am 7 Depressed (13-24)
11-Noon 5 Normal (5-10) This one is barely normal.
4-5 pm 2 Depressed (3-8)
11-midnight 2 Normal (1-4)

Cortisol Burden: 16 (23-42)
DHEA 2 Depressed (3-10)

Estradiol: 15
Ref Values for this say postmenopause-No HRT 1-4
HRT Target range: 5-13
Follicular: 5-13
Luteal: 7-20

Progesterone: >1000 (Does not say "Elevated" or anything else next to the number. Confusing.)
Ref: Hrt target 100-300
Follicular: 20-100
Luteal: 65-500

Free testosterone: 35 Elevated
Borderline: 5-7
Normal: 8-20

What do you all think about these results? What does follicular and luteal mean? The saliva test was done on day 19 of my cycle.

Does this look like adrenal fatigue to you? Should I ask the doctor for hydrocortisone? Because of symptoms a couple of months ago, I tried adrenal glandulars already, but I did not do too well on them. They did not help at all after 5 weeks on them and they either caused my dizziness, or else being dizzy was just from hypo, etc. (The dizziness has went away now.) I did not take any adrenal supplement for 4 weeks before this test. Any and all advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

Oh, do you think this is why I am not seeing much improvement in my hypo?
[QUOTE=SadFreek]the saliva test is the most effective way of knowing what your true cortisol levels are. Not the 24 hours urine tests. (although it is helpful)[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately the saliva test is not diagnostic for adrenal problems. Cortisol levels vary dramatically over short periods of time and day by day even in "normal" people. Low or high readings can't be interpreted and can't be used by doctors to establsh adrenal problems.

The 24 hour cortisol test is meant to show total cortisol output for one day. It is diagnostic for very low values or very high values but not for values in or near the normal range. This test can identify cushings and adrenal failure.

Only a provocative test which stimulates the pituitary or adrenals can be used to verify adrenal insufficiency. By its nature, adrenal insufficiency means that the adrenals might be working just fine for normal situations but in time of stress the adrenals fail to produced cortisol in sufficient quantity. As a result a saliva test and the 24 hour test will show normal results and are thus not useful diagnostic tools for this condition.

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