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[QUOTE=Sage48] I am on 20 mg. Cortef for Adreanal Insuf. My doctor wants me to have an ACTH test before I come in for my May visit. I have a question....if I am on Cortef, how will I get a valid test result? [/QUOTE]

You can't. You should not have been given cortef until after the ACTH test, otherwise the test results are pretty much meaningless.

I would try to reduce your cortef use, going down 2.5 mg/day one week at a time. If you can get down to 5-10 mg/day then at least you will have some adrenal function possible when you do take the test.

Remember that during times of stress it may be necessary to increase the cortef, and then return to your previous level. Normally stress means something like a serioius car accident or a fever.

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