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Re: Symptoms
Apr 20, 2006
I have Addisons, i ahve had it all my life but was only diagnosed about 5 years ago and it is still nowhere near under control.

before i was diagnosed (havemany other health problems so the symptoms just wernt narrowed down to look for addisons at that time Really sucked) at that time, i would faint, i mean black out, if i had to stand i couldnt even use the bathroom I.E for a guythat can bea problem sometimes in a public place.. i was always weak and my blood sugars well they were at the floor.

when i was finally diagnosedi had been blacking out twice aday and my body just couldnt take it any more (fell through a set of shelves and into the front of a moving car) i was first diaghnosed as a diabetic due to low blood sugars then i had my first ACTH which cortsol levels were bad and ACTH very very high, the final starw was the fact my BP radings dropped as low as 34/27 Personally dont remeber much that day, but i was told that my BP had been close to that for many years, my body had built up such a tolerance that it only gave up on me if i was in heat (i bottom out in heat and showers etc) or if i am being active)

anyway symptoms, weakness, LOW BP stiff, tired, blood sugars, crave salt, (drink gatorade) if you black otu well theres a key sign.

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