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Re: Symptoms
Apr 20, 2006
i havent blacked out. my faintness is to do wiht too much insulin being when i eat the faitnness goes away. but the past 3 weeks i have been feeling so ill. weak and muscles feel weak and im so tired and i cant do anything. no exercise...cant go to supermarket. im housebound at the moment. i dont knwo what is wrong with me. i tink it is addisons caused by a pituitary tumour...ive doen alot of terrified.

what other health problems do u have? my blood pressurre is lower too. when i get ou of bed it takes a while for my body too adjust. plus i get nausea. i get a good spell in the evenings tho. i feel better. mayb i release more cortosil in evenings...

so how r u doing now? why is it still not under control?
Re: Symptoms
Apr 20, 2006
HI Jennyflower and WandaB. first question my other umm problems are Asthma (all my life) meds for that aren Ventolin 200mcg salbutarol + Seretide 250mcg day and night.
OK soryr i haveno idea how its spelt and the name i go on from what i remeber as a child, Rayes syndrom, Basically No Sweat, No Saliva, No Tears, Med for that, Visco tears liquid eye gel 2x daily wear my glasses as my retna's look like scratched ice due to this. ummm any type of replacemtn saliva product as needed. and sweat well you cant do anything for that.
I have a thing called Triple A syndrome, which is in with the addisons until the addisons was seperately diagnosed. Basically it is an oesophageal problem with the whole body included, i have had many surgeries to resolve this (i couldnt eat with out trowing up everyhtign would get stuck, now its fingers crossed though with the occasional Oesophageal Dilataion, for that i take Omeprazole 20mg 2xdaily for GERD.
Co-Codamol or similar for crack in base of spin which gets triggered when i have an addisons crisis.
Blood sugars, i try to help that on and off with occasional diet changes, i used to be on meds for that then takingoff (cant remeber the names) now i check that with accu strips (wife is a Type -1 so we help each other there.
For the addisons, well right now my meds are - DHEA 25mg 1xdaily, Fludrocortisone .1mg 2xdaily, Hydrocortisone 15mg Morning-10mg Evening.
and Chronic sinusitus each year at least twice meds Amoxicillin.
and ED which is related to Addisons and Triple A, meds after being on anythign going- Alprostadil

basically i am a mess from the day i was born hahahhaa

Next question

I have no idea why it is not really controlled yet, we belive its because of my other problems, that it just doesnt get a break being linked to a few other things. and my immune system is so crappy that crisis's are like adrop of a hat. but i am quite a pro and my body to me it is a good thing to others it worries the hellout of them, it can take an extremely low BP level before i go down its just hopw my body haslearnt to deal with it. Everythign test wise is as good as it could be, i havent actually had labs results myself in hand in a long time, but i was in hospital ER-admittance due to a crisis 2 weeks ago or so and they covered everything anfd well i was released 73 hours later so iguess i was A.OK

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