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Re: ACTH question
May 28, 2006
[COLOR=Navy]"I am on testosterone replacement but it has not fully helped me, I still feel rotten. I am on low dose thyroid medication ( thyroid pretty much normal, but have hashimotos) but I think that was just done to appease me because I kept asking about my thyroid thinking that was the problem before getting testosterone."[/COLOR]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Forgive me for jumping in, but I think I would take a whack at controling your thyroid since nothing else appears to be working for you. Low dose thyroid replacement is worse than no replacement. Your pituitary thinks that you're producing enough T4 and doesn't kick in as much stimulus to your thyroid and still a low dose (usually 30 or 60 mg. of Armour thyroid?) so you end up feeling worse than before! I learned all I know through the thyroid board on this site. Here it is in a nutshell: Test your Free T4 and Free T3, if on the low side for both, start on Armour thyroid 90 mg. (Synthroid will probably NOT work well for you) Stay on that dose for at least six weeks and retest. If still below mid range on both, jump up to 100 mg daily. Wait six weeks, retest. Mid range is found by adding the lowest range number plus the highest range number, and divide by 2. Men usually [I]feel their best[/I] at around mid range, a little higher or a little lower, but not by much. Women feel their best near the top of the range, not at mid point...but everyone is different. At this point you should be feeling much chipper. Notice I emphasized, feel their best. This means that how you feel is more important than the medical opinion of a doc that has never had these symptoms. Outdated information is the bane of most thyroid sufferers that are close to borderline problems. I didn't suggest that you have your TSH tested because you don't need to know what your pituitary gland is doing, only what your thyroid has for a functioning level. My doc tests my TSH and it's .08. He says it's Euthyroid, which means it's not functioning on it's own at all. This is good for me so I don't have those huge ups and downs. I take Armour thyroid 120 mg daily and feel so well that it's a sin, albeit that I may have slight adrenal stress which makes it difficult for me to wake up easily, dizziness from climbing stairs, etc. I also have post-traumatic stress (survived the Hungarian Revolution in 1956), which I have never really learned to control. However, what the heck! I feel great compared to before controlling my thyroid!!
Best of luck!!

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