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Great ACTH results
Apr 27, 2006
Results of ACTH stimulation test:

Baseline, 8:12 am
Plasma ACTH 29 (7 – 50)
Free Serum Cortisol 1.48 (0.40 – 1.92 at 8-10 am)

30 minutes post ACTH injection
Free Serum Cortisol 4.10

60 minutes post ACTH injection
Free Serum Cortisol 4.07

So, this tells me that I am not adrenal insufficient…. Anyone disagree?

I still have problems where I get very fatigued for 2-3 days after even light exercise. Anyone have any other ideas?
Has your thyroid been checked? Be sure to look at the lab report yourself. If it is in the very low normal range you may need a supplement.

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