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Lab results..

My Endo told me this test was normal, but if you look at my AM level it is below Normal range..

Is this normal?

ACTH it is written just like this *7.8..... my level )
expected values
10-60 (am draw )
then along side this he hand wrote " PM Level ok*

Also have my Cortisol levels as well...

My cortisol is 10.2... with the ref ranges of
AM ( 4.2-22.4 )
PM (3.1-16.7)

Just a small background on me.. I was DX'd with Hashimoto, and I also have PCOS/IR. I am on meds for both. Anyway, I was FINE, until I had my SON.. I had a section after a failed 21 hr labor, and I bled out, and needed a tranfusion of 2 units of blood * Anyway, all I know is after having him I fell apart.. Extreme Fatigue, Hair Loss ( Loads of it ) Also dry, brittle hair that breaks, I am getting all these dry brown patches of skin, I have dark circles under my eyes, Dizzy spells, Joint pains in my elbows. I have blurry vision along with watery eyes. The list if things wrong with me is endless... I just fell apart after having him.. I was fine Up until then *sigh*..

Now the Syntroid I take is NOT doing anything for me, as far as helping with symptoms, it did when I first started taking it, for about 2 months I felt great, then I started too plummit.. it has been 2 months since I have felt good..

I just wonder if there is something MORE going on with me , then just my Thyroid...So thought I would get your thoughts on my ACTH levels.. Can anyone here Please help me too understand these results :D
Thank you so much! I have had every test listed, and my FSH/LH are off, but the others are within normal range ( as far as refrences ranges go )... I did place a call into my Endo about this, about the ACTH, and asked if they could test me a bit Further since my level was so low! She is going too call me back, and we will go from there.

Last Night I spent time in the ER due too High Blood Pressure, that they think the Synthroid caused ( they just upped my dose too 75mcgs ) 2 weeks ago..I really feel something else is WAY OFF with me, cause even after 4 months of treatment on Synthroid I feel No different then when I walked into his office..

I really appreciate the time you took too reply toome! So Thank you so much!


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