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I will try to make this story short as I can Iam a 45 yr old female I have always had hormone problems Was diagonised with pcos at 14 wedge resection Hair everywhere headaches from morning to night, very tired, all my life Finally got pregnant at 35 ( I did all the clomid and all didnt work gave up and at 35 )I was told I was missing an enzyme back in 1984 my husband was in Army( records cannot be found) took dexamethasone for about a year then moved no more.After having my son I started having near passing out spells and severe headaches , everything hurt in my body, could not find out what was wrong Had gallbladder out 2 sinus surgeries an exploratory surgery and a total hysterctomy. still no answers .I will get these adrelin rushes if the phone rings someone coughs etc they hurt so bad went to heart dr found I have mitral valve proplase but not bad. He found a problem with thyroid I was hyper and had several nodules I just did the R.A.I 1 month ago I go tomorrow for the results. I did get a copy of all the test my endo did and they are as follows E S Acth Stimulation Cortiso (Baseline) 10 Es Cortisol (1st post)27 expected range 7-25 Testerone 34 expected range 14-76 DHEA Sulfate 84 expected range 35-430 Androstenedione 1.5 expected range Post menopausal less than 1.0 Free Testerone 1.73 expected range 1-2-5.7 17- hydroxyprogesterone 104 expected range menopause 10-60 17-hydroxyprogesterone 60 min post 342 no expected range VMA Random urine 1.0 VMA /creatinine Ratio 4 Expected range of both vma is <6 I am at the point I know something is wrong and the dr says all test are ok I had really thought thyroid could be causing all my problems but I know the hair I have everywhere and the headaches and all I am not sure anymore what to believe I cannot function anymore hardly and I have my miracle child and I want to be a mother and a wife to my husband of 22 years I just want to be me again Any advise Would greatly be appreciated I have also posted on the hormone site and noone ever answered me Please help me Thanks in advance Bev

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