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hello, new here, stumbled upon this site while doing some research. I have a couple of questions, my daughter was suspect of having low cortisol, her endo did a test, I think that acth, (sp) and it came back as low, they re did it a month later, and said it was normal. However, my daughter still has symptoms, she gets very tired, dizzy, weak, lethargic, and needs to sleep. I called the doctors last night, and I am waiting for a call back this morning.,I was wondering, is it possible to have periods of low cortisol? can it fluctuate? Im just really concerned, it seems she is always sick.....
thanks again, Im looking for a new doctor right now, Im in Arizona, but I cant seem to find one that specializes in Addisons. I was told by the doctors nurse, that cortisol levels cant fluctuate. I am so concerned now about my daughter, something is not right. Also, twice already, she has had these weird symptoms, that almost sound like a crisis, but she will start to feel better in about an hour. I wonder what it could be. The last time it happened, was right there in the chair at the docs office while they were giving her that acth(sp) test, in fact, thats the test where her cortisol came back low, anyhow, I think she scared herself because of the I.V. (she is only 13) and then she started to "crash'. She was very weak, couldnt speak well, started to sweat, almost passing out, but not quite, then had stomach cramps and me and the nurse had to help her get on the toilet. She is very shy normally, but not at that time, she was so "out of it", and weak, I had to hold her on the toilet. Anyway, at other times, almost every day, she is weak, dizzy, (not that bad as I mentioned before), and has to sleep. Well, the doctor re did that test, that came back low, only this time my daughter did quite well, it didnt bother her, and her cortisol came back normal. So that is why im trying to figure out if stress causes it to drop, and at other times can it be normal? I hope Im not bugging you too much, I am just trying to find some answers, I feel so bad for my daughter, its like life is just passing her by.......
Hello again, my daughter is 13, but her symptoms are mainly everyday she is dizzy, somedays she has stomach aches, she is weak, and always wants to sleep. The doctor did a test, the "acth", and at first it came back low, they redid it again, and it was normal. I was more specific in an earlier post, so I was wondering if cortisol levels can fluctuate? any advice would be soo appreciated.. thank you
Dear Grinchy,

I can surely sympathize in your quest for help for your daughter. How old is she? My son was 14 when he rather suddenly took chronically ill. It took us 2-1/2 years to get him diagnosed.

You might also request that they measure blood levels of renin and aldosterone and do an ACTH stimulation test (if Orion didn't already mention that one!). There are no ill side effects of these tests, and they are both painless (save the needle *****) and safe!

My son had very similar symptoms, was exhausted all the time, appeared dehydrated (dark circles around the eyes), dizzy upon standing or turning his head side to side, lacking good balance, stumbling into walls at first, slow gait, poor appetite, upside-down sleep cycles, low cortisol (5.6 before ACTH stim test), brain fog, lack of tolerance to exercise... Finally after two and a half years and 20 doctors not yielding a diagnosis, we went to the Mayo Clinic (our insurance allowed us to do so, and paid part of our costs). They diagnosed him with something which has only been recognized for about 4 years, called POTS (postural hypostatic tachycardia syndrome). He now takes salt pills, drinks 3 liters of water and Gatorade per day, takes calcium and vitamin D because he's been lying around the house for such a long time without his proper amount of sunshine. And they have recommended gradual return to exercise in the form of walking and stretching.

I hope this will help you find your answer, :wave: Tracy

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