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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thanks for getting back with me Wanda. It was done by a doctor who specializes in interpretive medicine. All that means, in my book, is that he is not going to nix my Armour thyroid. He also uses Chinese medicine and is at present, unaware I'm sure, dosing me with a mixture that includes bovine cortisol extract. No wonder I'm feeling a tad bit better (mostly I feel dragged out in the late afternoons, but not so hard to wake up after three weeks on the stuff that this doc gave me). I asked him to test my cortisol level and it came back as 17.7 in am and 5.3 at 4 p.m. Okay, granted it's within the "normal" ranges, but I still have a sneaking suspicion that it's not normal for me. I went through all this, regarding what's really normal for me, with my thyroid until I found a doc that was willing to go by my guidelines, learned with great effort on my part through the thyroid board on this site. Those people were absolutely wonderful!
Now I'm trying to learn all I can through this board about variations regarding your adrenals. Some of what I've read on other sites is that some people benefit from a short 2 week course on an adrenal supplement extract (not DHEA) even though they have perfectly normal test results, such as mine. I will mention to him about the ACTH sim test. If I can't get him to do it, I'm afraid my endo (who handles my Armour thyroid) is going to be a deadend. He's already told me that has nothing to do with how I feel. He's trying to tell me that I have a "touch" of narcolepsy...and that while he had me on Chlortrimeton to help me sleep at night! I stopped taking it after a year when my ever-aware husband said to me, don't you remember it used to make you real sleepy when you took it occasionally for your allergies?
Any help hugely appreciated![/FONT]

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