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I am so sorry for what you daughter has had to go through. It breaks my heart. I wanted to let you know to make sure the docs test all her pituitary hormones (including vasopressin) as well as estrogen, progesterone, DHEA-s and testosterone (these could be causing the hair growth, research Polycystic ovarian syndrome), free t3 and t4, aldosterone and renin as well as igf-1 and post these with the ranges when you get them. You want her hormones tested every which way before and after the pit surgery.

That her teeth are spreading apart, make sure she is tested for growth hormone secreting tumor as well (igf-1 and GH tests). High GH causes excess bone growth in head, hands and feet. Acromegaly is the term for high GH. In adults doesn't cause taller stature, but your daughter is young enough that excessive GH can cause one to grow at a fast rate or even grow excessively taller like in giganticism.

I pray your daughter will get the help she needs.

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