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Dear Scorpio,

I have been pretty scarce on this board for a while, as my son was to the Mayo and diagnosed with something other than what I suspected he had. I had thought he might have the beginnings of Addison's or secondary adrenal insufficiency, but thus far it looks like he has POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). As far as your question, I did want to put in my two cents, as I have researched Addison's for the past two years, and have learned a lot from those who do have it. First of all, I am sorry to hear of your diagnoses (you and your sister!). Secondly, my mother has MS, my youngest of three kids has Type I Diabetes and my eldest had mysterious symptoms which have now been labeled as POTS. What I have learned is that autoimmune diseases can be grouped together, thus the tendency for a relative to have one of another autoimmune disease IS hereditary, but the inheritance of that specific disease is more unusual. When my Mom first learned she had MS we were scared for our kids. But she was told it was NOT hereditary. This was not very accurate info, as while my kids may not possess much more of a chance of getting MS than the general population, they do possess more chance of having SOME autoimmune disease. Beyond Addisons and MS being most often caused by some improper autoimmune response, they do not seem to have a whole lot in common, in my opinion. In MS, I do not know of any involvement with the adrenal glands, for instance. In Addison's, I am not aware of anyone's having lesions on the brain scans. Interestingly, my son has ONE lesion, which the doctors are watching by taking MRI's every three mos. I hope this rather lengthy reply is of some help and may tell you something you didn't already know! :) I'm not sure. Note that my younger son has Type I Diabetes (as I have mentioned), which is another disease caused by autoimmune disfunction. There is also a tendency for autoimmune diseases to come in pairs or even groups. Often someone will have thyroid problems with their Addison's or vitiligo with Diabetes...

Best wishes, :wave: Tracy

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