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Re: This for Orion
May 30, 2006
[QUOTE=cossette2] Can you explain the test that you were referring to?

Thanks much. For now I'm on a glandular supplement from the health food store which has helped some, but it's such a slow process and i'm just wondering if cortef or something similar would be better.[/QUOTE]

I have seen many endos and as a group I don't have much faith in them. All my corisol and urine tests came back normal and it took a year to finally get diagnosed. Even after I was diagnosed, the first thing I was told was I needed more exercise and to lose weight. Well DUH, I was sleeping 16 hours a day and had barely enough energy to walk up some about ignorant! Fortunately there are good endos, but you just have to try several to find one willing to be your partner rather than your god. The endos I saw specialized in tumors so you probably need someone else.

The test you want is an ATCH stimulation test. If that produces stimulation then you need the insulin induced hypoglycemia test to examine all your hormones and determine the cause of your adrenal problems.

Remember that many diseases cause Addison's type symptoms so you might well have some other problem. Addison's is very rare so keep an open mind about what might be going on.

I don't know what grandular supplements do but if they substitute cortisol you will invalidate any possible adrenal tests. You may have to stop such supplements several weeks before a test. You need to check that with your doctor.

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