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I'm thinking I may have addisons. It's already been determined that I have hypogonadism due to secondary causes. I am going to a neurologist in july because my doc thinks there may be a problem with my hypothalamus. I have a LOT of the symptoms of addrenal insufficiency, and I don't think it's a far stretch to think that I have another problem with my addrenal levels. I'm hoping my problems are addrenal related rather then hypothalamus, if it was hypothalamus, it seems that life is just going to "suck" if it is, to say the least, and it already has begun to "suck" enough so I don't need that to get any worse. But heres my question, for those people who have addisons, and like the sauce once in a while, have you had any changes in how it feels to be drunk? I used to be nearly a proffesional drinker ( I'm a 22 year old guy, I'm not officially a drunk until I turn 25) but now If I drink 2-4 beers, I'm all messed up. I get googly eyed and uncordinated, I was never like that before, ever. I don't get drunk off 2-4 beers, I just get "messed" up, it's weird, I don't know how to describe it. And I hate to say it, but I can't even get a decent hard on if Iv'e had a few beers, again I was never like that ( ya, now would be a really great time for some guys with addisons to relate to a simmiliar problem) I know low addrenals cause low blood pressure, and I'm going to make a assumption that low BP can cause erection problems. Iv'e had my cortisol levels tested, and it was 10 on a scale of 8-25. Not in the abnormal range, but I'm hoping it's enough to mess me up because it's the best option out of a lot of really really bad options. So any input on how drinking is with addisons would be great, or just any other input. Thanks a lot, Chris

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