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The reason you have to keep taking the high cortef dose is that your body adapted to very high levels of cortisol (say 50 mg perday-thinking prednisone) while cushings. If you don't supplement with the extra cortisol and wean gradually then you sned your body into shock-adrenal crisis specifically. Even if the amount of cortisol your body is making is normal- say 5 mg (thinking prednisone). Your tissues have adapted to much much higher amounts and even normal amounts will not be enough and you could have adrenal insufficiency or adrenal crisis symptoms.

So you wean off gradually over 6 to 10 months to prevent adrenal insufficiency symptoms and allow your HPA axis and tissues to reset to more normal cortisol amounts.

Given all the cushings like symptoms may he could start weaning you a bit quicker as you seem to adapting okay.

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