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Hi all,

Last august I was diagnosed hypothyroid-tsh 200. They tried starting me on sythroid four times, each time resulting in extreme salt cravings, headaches, muscle pains, profuse urination, and eventual delerium, and eventually I had a day where I started having extreme pressure in my chest and I lost all circulation in my arms and legs. I could turnr the symptoms on and off by taking or not taking the synthroid.

I convinced my second endo to try and agin, this time with 100 ug of florinef and everything went great. This lasted about seven months when I started feeling very tired in the afternoons, lots of stomach pains, and was in bed by 7 most nights. I (dumbly) tried taking a bovine adrenal extract, felt FANTASTIC!!, but developed a rash after five days and stopped taking it.

The next day, in the evening, I began running a fever, my stomach hurt again, I got very weak and shaky, and began having waves of lightheadedness. Later I dicovered I get this feeling when my blood pressure plummets. I got on a weaning dose of prednisone over the next two weeks, then stopped taking it.

At first I thought everything would be okay but I began to get ill every night, my BP would drop to 100s/60s (while taking 100 ug of florinef) or even lower sometimes with waves of nause and lightheadedness, my blood began pooling in my extremities, I would have sharp stabbing pains in my arms and legs-like little injections. Some nights I was feverish. I kep thinking every day was better then the previous but then it started reversing and every day was worse than the previous. It finally ended up with seizure like switching of my arms and legs, waves of nausea and lightheadedness, and an altered mental state-very confused and agitated. I took 2.5 mg of prednisone and it all went away within 15 minutes.

Now I am on 100ug of florinef and about 1,5 mg of prednisone every day.
I still am lethargic and tired in the afternoon and pretty weak but stable for the time being.

I have noticed a bunch of bug bites I got about six weeks ago have all remained-healed but dyed pinkinsh brown. These are chigger bites which I have had many times in the past and never had this happen to them. Could this be the hyperpigmintation?

Also abdominal pain-is that stomach pain or lower gut pain, like with cramps?

Tests: before synthroid
low aldosterone-4
normal cotrisol and normal ACTH,
normal stim test

All repeated recently but no results yet

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