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I just took the saliva test for cortisol so I'll see if that shows anything. Sorry you're having problems but it's good to hear from someone who can relate. I also have some sleep problems mainly before my period. Since I'm nearing 50 (but no real menopause symptoms) I wonder also if the exhaustion is related to lowered hormone levels after my period. But then I've had this for about 10 years I think although only recently connected it to certain time in cycle. Well, I'll post if I get any more info and maybe someone else will write in. Christine
Hi Jenny...I just saw this. Have been trying to forget about health stuff and just live but here I am post period and very fatigued. I haven't tried any adrenal bovine supplements....has it worked for you? I was getting acupuncture which helped a little but seemed to give me other symptoms I didn't like. I am just trying to coast through those bad days and rest when I can. I plan to take another saliva test soon and see how my adrenals and other hormones are doing.

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