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I am new to these boards as far as posting is concerned, although have read many threads for your help.

I get my results from a short syncathan test on 9th Aug, but my biggest concern is not exactly the weight loss as I have only lost a few pounds but i look like i have lost more through muscle wastage.
The tops of my arms and thighs have gone really flabby with all the muscle gone. I have not yet been diagnosed Addison's or Adrenal Stress etc as yet but I do have pigmentation down sides of face and neck, low blood pressure, irratable, i don't crave salt but know I am better with it than without, my hair has gone gray and thin, and so it goes on, amongst many more symptoms which i'm sure most of you know only too well.

My main problem - which i can't stand is muscle wastage, i'm embarressed to wear sleeveless tops in hot weather, but do anyway, i hate getting dressed up now as i make do with anything as i feel i look awful anyway.
My family ask me if i'm ok all the time when i see them, they can't help it they just worry.
I know i've had a crsis or similar in the past, it the deck, hot clammy, needing to eat, hypoglycemia.
Can anyone tell if any treatment they have had for addison's or adrenals has helped muscle wastage. When i did weights it made it worse.
Please any ideas i could investigate would be a start. :confused:
Hi Toni,

Thanks for the reply.
I have actually tried all this, I was once a member of a gym and had a programme done specially for me by a top trainer, who has since gone to Oz to work.
She actually told me to stop exercising with weights as it was making me lose more muscle, she monitored me very closely for 4 months and felt i was exercise intolerant.
The job I do now means i'm always on my feet, it's not that i feel weak, although i do sometimes, it's more that the more i do the thinner my arms and thighs go. :confused:
I have heard of this before but with no solutions.

Sorry to hear about your MS, and hope you are coping ok. You seem quite positive, and good to hear you are getting results - slow as they may be at least in the right direction, keep pumping those arm weights Toni.

And good luck with your training.
Take Care

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