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Hi, I have hashimoto's and graves disease, and am on synthroid, but I still have so much muscle-joint pain, fatigue, heart probs, pernicious anemia and so much more. I have a very stressfull job as well, my adrenaline levels go up and down all day. I had to ask to get my cortisol level checked (by my G.P.) Blood cortisol came back 22.5, I told my Endo, now she is ordering a 24 hr urine test, to see more. My questions are; could I be moving in and out of addisons into cushings, like I am with hypo and hyper thyroid? And is 22.5 a level any of you have had but told you were still in normal range? (I have heard that before w/my tsh levels-but I was sick) If anyone can answer I would really be greatful. Thanks Rachel
Oh, and I have been having what appears to be panic attacks, first time for that...

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