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I don't know what the PO BID means. Her condition was very serious. People are actually still dying from not being diagnosed in time. Very sad.
Give us the "time" of day she takes the Hydrocortisone & amount for each dose. I don't do well on Cortef so use Hydrocortisone which is generic for Cortef. We are all so different & have to find what works best.

She may find later that 1 Florinef is too much. Watch for weight gain & high blood pressure.

Great that you already have the kit. Some people have to fight to get it.

I was diagnosed in 1998. Haven't had a crisis since. Everything's crossed!!

Yes she was almost in a coma. The hot weather here is what did her in. other wize We wouldn't have known. Hydrocortisone which is generic for Cortef is what cyndi is taking I will watch for the BP not to go high. That's Great you havn't had a attack since 1998. I'll say a Prayer for ya to stay that way.


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