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Well for about 2 years they had no clue what was wrong with me. I was working out one day and I passed out. I went to numerous amount of doctors and they kept saying nothing was wrong with me. They finally sent me to do a tilt table test and I almost passed out while doing that. So then they sent me to a specialist in POTS. But my symptoms basically were passing out, irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat and any time I tried to walk upstairs or walk up hill I felt like/or would pass out. Anytime that I get stressed my symptoms get worse. Recently it got really bad...everytime I got up to do anything I would pass out. I could barely make it to the bathroom and I couldn't stay hydrated for anything! So I went to my family doctor and he suggested that I get tested for Addisons disease. He said it has alot of the same symptoms as POTS. So I got tested but I didn't have that. So I would suggest getting tested for Addisons also. That is treatable unlike POTS. I wish you good luck and if you have anymore questions let me know! I am now doing a lot better and I want to help and talk to people that are going through the same thing! What kind of test are they planning on doing??

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