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WELL, LAST night I FOUND out what it was! I have been surfing through THIS Medical forum for a few weeks now, chatting and reading, not really sure if Sam really had ADDISONS or not...well, last night it really clicked!!! He DOES have ADDISONS Syndrome. The reason why his tests came back normal a few weeks ago, is because he had eated LOTS of salty foods the night before! Which brought his cortisol levels back up! Sam had been self-medicating all summer trying to feel better by eating salty foods and drinking water...and we didn't even know about it!!!! He would eat the whole bag of chips and we wouldn't know it until they were GONE! He would only eat french fries for meals... (I just assumed he didn't feel good, So I didn't make him eat anything else..etc...) I talked to the Pediatrian and she Agrees with the diagnosis! WHOoohOOoooo! We are going to watch him for a while...because it looks like he may be in remission, of sorts... all is going well at the moment... hopefully in a few weeks, after fall break we will be able to send him to school! ON a trial basis, of course!!! If he starts getting sick again, we will go in for more test so he can get started on meds right away!!!

I just want to thank you all for Having AWESOME boards and for being sooooo Supportive in all of this! IF it wasn't for you, I would probably have never figured this out! Thanks!


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