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Hi, I'm new here and hoping someone can give me some insight.

I've think I've run into some trouble (perhaps!). I've been relatively stable on the same dose of thyroid since the birth of my daughter in 2001, which is 75mcg of Levoxyl and 90mg of Armour. I had my second child in August 2005, and blood levels were checked last December and found to be ok (he treats based on my FT3 and FT4,
not TSH). I started Adderall in May this year for ADHD and then the heart palps started. I thought it was from the Adderall, and so I stopped it for awhile, and the heart palps continued. I suspected it might have been my thyroid and being on too much, and for whatever strange reason, it's kicked back in maybe! So, about six weeks ago, with no lab numbers yet, I dropped off one 30mg Armour, bringing me to my current dose of 60mg Armour and 75mg Levoxyl, just to see how I felt. No difference, other than the heart palps haven't gone away.
I had an EKG last month and it showed a PVC irregular heartbeat, although my resting heart rate was high 90s.

I just got my numbers back tonight, and here is what the results

FT4 1.69 H (0.77-1.61)

FT3 3.62 H (2.0-3.5)

The lab value range has tightened up a bit in the last couple years, but my actual FT4 and FT3 numbers are a bit lower than they have been in the past - probably since I dropped 30mg of Armour. Besides the heart palps, I've also been unable to sleep, and having dizzy spells, hot flashes, and my period has not returned since the birth of my son last year (although I nursed until May and I have an IUD in, which is supposed to make your periods lighter or non-existant). I"ve also been really achy and not recouping as fast from exercise.

However, there is another thing going on, and I wonder if this isn't causing my trouble...

I've been also taking 5mg prednisone and 25mg DHEA daily for adrenal insufficiency and low DHEA (which the last year has been in the 150s on this dose) the last three years (am cortisol came back at 1.6 at that time), and my labs run last week came back as this:

Cortisol, AM (about 10:00am, fasting) - 6.3 (5.0-18.0)

DHEA-S - 3.6 (23-266)

Those number are ON MEDS, but taken fasting. My testosterone also came back at 27, which is normally in the high 40s (testosterone also being put out by the adrenal glands). Estrogen was 37 (I take 1.0 Estrace daily,
and I still have this low number). Progesterone was 0.34. Over the last year, the couple of times my labs have been run, am cortisol was 13 the first time and 8 the second time, and DHEA was 150 and 39. The numbers have been steadily dropping for the last year. What prompted this whole things was the start of the heart palps, which I've never suffered from before. Anyone have any ideas on this one and why all my hormones are bottoming out? I read that primary Addison's is low cortisol and low DHEA. I talked with my doc tonight and he's going to change over my 5mg prednisone to 30mg Cortef, double the DHEA to 50mg, and double my estrogen to 2.0 Estrace, and then repeat labs in four weeks and also pull an ACTH (which has always been in the 40s) as well as an aldosterone.

I just want these heart palps to go away so I can sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.


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