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I'm new to this board, but happy to find so much info on Addison's. I was first diagnosed when I was pregnant with my now 2 1/2 year old son (2004). I was very sick for 5 1/2 months when finally another doctor at a different hospital diagnosed me.

Now 9 weeks pregnant and on 30mg of cortef my docs are worried about suppressing the babies adrenals. My endo said I would be fine with this pregnancy by the way.

Anyway, anyone know about the affects of cortef in unborn babies, prgnancy and addisons in general.

My husband & I am thinking about having another baby (my son is alos 2 1/2). We can't start trying until Jan. 2007. (I was on the shot) When I was told i had Addisons in the hospital (a little over a year now), they said to make sure I was always on some form of BC. B/c they didn't know the effects of Cortef on the baby. They said could hurt the brain, hurting it's IQ. I am going to be talking to my Doctors about this in the next few months. If this is the case, I would rather go 9 months of hell then to hurt my baby's IQ. I never thought about the babys adrenals. I will ask about that too. Good Luck!

i just found out i was pregnant 2 months ago .. i have addisons , diabetes and hypothyroidism.. scared as hell but the docs seem 2 think cortisone wont hurt the baby.ive only ever been on oral cortef though...hope it all goes wel 4 u

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