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I'm new to this board, but happy to find so much info on Addison's. I was first diagnosed when I was pregnant with my now 2 1/2 year old son (2004). I was very sick for 5 1/2 months when finally another doctor at a different hospital diagnosed me.

Now 9 weeks pregnant and on 30mg of cortef my docs are worried about suppressing the babies adrenals. My endo said I would be fine with this pregnancy by the way.

Anyway, anyone know about the affects of cortef in unborn babies, prgnancy and addisons in general.

I am just wondering how long you where on the shot? I really don't have a year to try. I want to get prego right away. Wishful thinking! I want to to be prego by the time my son turns four. Thats next Dec.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was sick for seven months! In & out of ED all the time! I was 150 when I got pregnant & 150 when I had him. Poor little guy just couldn't gain any more weight. I was induced at 32 weeks. They said that he would be fine but he wasn't. We really didn't find out until much later. In April, we found out that he he had to get glasses b/c his left eye wasn't focusing right. The doctor said if he doesn't wear his glasses that his brian will stop using it and he will go blind in that eye. However, yesterday we got some good news! His eyes where so bad that he couldn't see past his elbows! However, with his glasses, his eyes have gotten better! So he wouldn't also have to wear "coke" bottle looking lens! (they are really thick!) It was really hard at first. I wish I would have waited to have him. The doctors said that he can't even have them corrected! They are that bad! CRY!

You have a good point! I want to be here for my little one go grow up! I really need to talk to my doctors!

Good Luck! I will keep you posted as well. Thanks! Kiesha

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