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I read through your old posts and noticed that you like to self-experiment with medication and think that almost all doctors are idiots. Honestly, after reading your posts I can totally understand those doctors. You seem to have preconceived ideas about what you have and how your doctor has to treat it, totally ignoring any clinical judgement a doctor may have (probably acquired over more years than you have been alive!). When you don't get what you want from a doctor you simply switch the doctor and/or self-medicate with medication ordered without prescription from Mexico.

What do you want from a doctor? Are they just people who are supposed to give you prescriptions for whatever you think is appropriate?

I do have experiences with unbelieving and bad doctors myself. Before getting diagnosed with addison's disease I suffered for almost a year. At one point I even suggested to one of the doctors that he please check my cortisol levels since I thought several of my symptoms fit the bill. He disagreed and thus it took several more months until I finally saw an endocrinologist and he immediately recognized my condition (I was put on hydrocortisone immediatly and only later had a stimulation test to verify the random drawing in which no cortisol could be detected). The first doctor thought I was simply depressed and sent me to a psychiatrist who put me on anti-depressants. However, many endocrine conditions (especially hyper and hypo thyroidism/cortisolism) do cause depression and are therefore really difficult to distinguish from real depression. Also, major depression causes a lot of symptoms that are similar to endocrine diseases and it is very reasonable for a doctor to take major depression into account in the differential diagnosis.

My point is the following: Even if you read up on a condition or certain lab results it is pretty ignorant to assume all doctors are idiots and you know so much more than they do. Doctors go through years and years of training in order to get the big picture. So even though you might know a lot about a certain aspect of a condition it is quite stupid to self-medicate since you do not understand the big picture without many years of training. In addition, your self-assessment is very subjective and even doctors see other doctors to get an objective assessment. There's a nice saying in the legal system which also holds true in medicine: "only a fool has himself as a lawyer".

If you want to really find out what is wrong with you, see an endocrinologist and follow their advice. Don't self-medicate, what you are doing is slow suicide.

Of course, in all likelihood you will ignore what I am saying since you obviously think that doctors are idiots who receive years of training for nothing. In any case, good luck.

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