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Hi all,

Haven't been here for a few months. Was diagnosed with secondary adrenal insuffiency about 1 1/2 years ago.....was verly sick from various symptoms before that....caused by the insuffiency. Had been on prednisone for several years (5 mg. a day)...but had been off of it for about 2 or 3 years...also, because I have some major problems with my back (fell), I had received many seroid epidurals...

Anyway...had the ACHT test where they give you the cortisporyn..and took several vials of blood - which came back as low...also have severe hypoglycemia...the 5 hr. test came back with a 28...Dr. was really upset on that one, but I only felt a bit tired...(obviously I have had that problem for a while...sugar was my friend!! But no more sugar...awwwww, but I do feel better) The hypoglycemia has been better since I cut out sugar...if I cheat, I have a problem with the levels dropping...scary. Will I get over the hypoglycemia...if the adrenals are healthy again???

My concern right now is that I have had 2 ACTH blood tests where they just take a vial of blood. The first one came back 30 (May) The second one I had taken in was 26. Dr. is now weaning me off of the 20 mg. of Cortif I have been taking daily for almost a year. He now has me taking 1 & 1/2 pill every other day, and 2 pills on the other day. I just started doing this yesterday.

I am sooooooo afraid that my major symptoms will come back....I had tachicardia so bad I was admitted to the hospital for a heart attack...blood chemicals indicated problems...but as it turns out, it was the addison's insuffiency causing the problem.... Also, the
Don't want to be in that situation again..... I guess I am lucky, as the endo. Dr. has said that my adrenal glands are making a recovery. BUT, he did say something funny...when he cut the dose of Cortif...he said to come back for an appt. in 4 months......then he hesitated...and said something like, if not sooner................what is that about.....?????

What kind of symptoms am I looking for here? Withdrawl from the Cortef can't be any worse than coming off of the prednisone, can it?? I already have back pain, leg...pain & other symptoms for back injury.....will the withdrawal make pain worse in my back???? How would I know if it is my back injury or the withdrawal???

Guess I am confused...and a lot afraid....I don't want to relive that time in my life again...

Appreciate any answers you may have....

Hope you all have a good day!!


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