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Is this something you can buy OTC or a prescription?
Hi cossette, Thanks for all the info you have shared so far... I was wondering what brand of adrenal supplement you are taking there are so many available let us know since I am soo tired its unreal thanks so much in advance
Hey JennyVee,
Sorry for taking so long to answer. I've been away from the boards for a while. The Adrenal supplement i am on is Canadian, produced in Calgary, Alberta. The Company that makes it is called AOR classic series. It's just called 'Adrenal'. Also i have tried a different brand of adrenal supplement when i was temporarily unable to obtain the AOR and it's from New Zealand and imported by a company in Brampton, Ontario. This one is called Adrenal Support by Nature's Sunshine.

The AOR has now been regulated by our government and is no longer allowed to be sold OTC. It has to be obtained by a qualified doctor. I get mine now from my naturopathic doc. (I'm not sure if the Nature's Sunshine brand is available otc now tho.)

The AOR is actually not bovine, but porcine (from the porc) whereas the other from New Zealand [B]is[/B] indeed bovine.

Hope this helps.

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