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People with addisons assume they should feel the same as they did when the adrenals worked because the doctors say "Take your pills & you will feel just fine". This is far from the truth for many. Most of us have to pace ourselves every day & have some days that very little gets done. I make no big plans for late afternoon or evenings. I could over dose on hydrocortisone or prednisone & feel wired every day. This would cause eventual bone loss, weight gain & I'm sure other side effects.

There are people I know who run marathons, mountain bike & climb mountains. They are the exception & are young. One women normally takes 25mg hydocortisone (equals 5mg prednisone), & takes an additional 2.5mg hydrocortisone each hour of a marathon. This same gal has days when she must rest.

10mg prednisone all at once every day would certainly give me anxiety. I have forgotten if there is a good reason you are on twice the amount of prednisone most of us would take. You are getting a BIG hit of cortisol all at once. When first diagnosed I was put on 7.5mg prednisone. The max dose. When I learned better I tapered to 4mg a.m. & 1mg about 6pm for a long time. I changed it to 3mg a.m., 1mg at noon & 1mg at 5 or 6pm. Even 3mg in the a.m. is plenty. That equals 15mg hydrocortisone.

We are all very different & need to find what works best for us without being "over dosed". The doctors are not helpful as they just say take more if you don't feel like you want to. Taking too much makes a person feel lousy as does too little.

How much hydrocortisone did you take, times of day & how much each dose?
As I mentioned before, splitting it into 3 or 4 doses is VERY helpful. We are not supposed to have much cortisol in our system in the late evening & night. It would normally start releasing around 3 or 4am & be at it's highest about 30 mins after getting up.

This response is much longer than I planned, but I "hate" seeing people being destroyed by doctors who are no help because they don't have a clue about addisons. I believe you wouldn't need anxiety drugs if dosed properly (reducing & splitting into 3 doses). You need to take the lead & experiment to find what is best for you long term. Anytime we taper it should be in very small amounts, staying on a dose for a few days before tapering again. Of course this should be done with the help of a doctor. Small amount would be 1mg prednisone. You would need 1mg tablets to do this.

Take care,

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