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Thanks for your kind words.

I have to tell you...."YOUR DOCTOR IS KILLING YOU". Forget the cortisol tests & go by how you feel. I have never had my cortisol checked since starting on replacements in 1998. The test does not result in accurate information. Now you will have even more anxiety, bone loss, weight gain & ???. I cannot believe he doubled your already high dose!

Please see another endo who knows something. You should not have swelling & weight gain. That is a BIG sign of over replacement (Cushings) & is "very" dangerous. Are your ankles swollen? When you press a finger into the ankle swelling, does the indent stay? See the doc. Normal replacement is 5 to 7.5mg prednisone.

Could your eye swelling be a sign of being allergic to a new med?

I would guess you have swelling on the shoulder, on both sides, at the bottom of your neck & a fat pad on your back, right at the bottom of the neck.

You really "must" do something to help yourself.


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