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I am a 39 yo female who recently went thru a sudden unexplained early menopause.
I have still been feeling horrible even on high doses of hormones. My gyno sent me to an Endo.
My am total cortisol came back borderline low 7 range 4-22. The endo said he was a little surprized because estrogen usually raises cortisol. I am schedule for the acth stim test on the 20th.
My symptoms are:
Shaky episodes that last for an hour each 3 times a day. 1st episode occurs one hour after waking, next between 1-3 and again around 8pm. I general feel good between 5-8pm.
My blood sugars have been dropping mostly in the 70's.
I am extremely thirsty
Extreme fatigue, muscle aches, muscle twitches, nauseated but have never thrown up, heart palpatations, headaches, visual disturbances.
My blood pressure has actually been widely fluctuating. 96/68, 130/60, 152/92.
I have always looked like I have a tan. I actually stay out of the sun though. My scars are very dark, my gums look bluish.
I don't really have salt cravings but all of a sudden I constantly crave sweets.
Do these symptoms sound like an adrenal issue? Even with the low normal cortisol? What can I expect from the acth test?
Thanks in advance.

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