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Wanda Please Help!!!
It has been several weeks and all of my tests are finally back in. I have low cortisol and low growth hormone, and it is being caused from adrenal insufficency not the pitutary even though I have a history of elevated prolactin with no tumor and a recent MRI that still shows no tumor. It was believed that I had Addison's as I suffer from all the symptoms except the darkened skin. The autoimmune antibody test showed negative, which my endo says means that I do not have addisons. I am confused because I have been reading and maybe I have misunderstood but does adrenal insufficency either signal addisons or secondary addisons. If not, could it develop into this later? I am currently taking 30 mg of cortef, .1 of florinef along with 75 mcg or Synthorid and .5 mcg of Cytomel along with Dostinex two times per week for my pituatary problem. I am so much better than 5 weeks ago, still dizzy and tired but not as bad. My thyroid levels are leveling off finally, I had cancer in July.
Here are the results from Insulin tolerance test, but I do not have any ranges sorry.
At 7:00 the baseline was Glucose 89 ACTH 21F Cortisol 18.2 GH .1f abd IGf 134f
At 8:35 Glucose 46cf ACTh 8f Cortisol 7.9 GH .1f IGF-1 131f
At 8:50 Glucose 49cf ACTH 178f Cortisol 15.2 GH 2.1f IGF-1 156F
9:05 Glucose 61L ACTH 127f Cortisol 21.2 GH 8.1f IGF-1 157f

The results I have from the Autoimmune test just say negative and Titer test not performed.

I also had the stim test which I passed which is why they were so suprised I had an adrenal problem.

I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME INTERPRET. All of this has been most overwhelming. I even had one doctor say this problem did not even need to be treated, which if this medicine goes past its dosage time for me I can hardly function, needless to say I will not be going back to him.

I am also severely hypoglaucimic.

Thanks for your input.
It would be good to go back to the doc to go over your test results. Exactly why were you given Cortef.

With addisons you will need to learn to ask for what you want from the docs. Most don't have a clue how to care for us & can actually cause more harm than good. They are just people who learned from a book & are not living with addisons. It took me awhile to figure this out, but I am very involved in my addisons health care now. Find all the forums you can & do allot of research.

Are you still dizzy?
Is your blood pressure steady now?
What were your electolyte results before starting Cortef? Sodium & potassium.
What is your TSH level? You are on a low thyroid replacement.

If adrenal glands don't work it is adrenal insufficiency or addisons & replacement cortisol is taken. A person taking a full replacement (like you are) of cortisol is suppressing the adrenals if they were working at all. They do nothing when suppressed. This is the case with the people who have to take high doses of prednisone for asthma or arthritis. Some end up on cortisol replacement for life because the adrenals stop working & will not start again.

I am not able to help you with your results. Would not want to give a wrong opinion.
This all started when my synthroid was increased from .05 to .112 and withing three days all these symptoms started occurring. Both doctors I have seen SWEAR THIS WOULD NOT HAVE CAUSED IT, BUT I WAS FINE AND HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE. So who knows.

I was given Cortef a little over five weeks ago because when standing I would have very big blood pressue increases or drops along with increased heart rates. I felt awful, and could hardly function. I had to have people help me across the room etc. I have had every test under the sun to rule out heart problems. I even had a tilt test which showed big changes in pressure, but not consistent rises or drops. I felt awful 5 weeks ago. Everything from HUGE MOOD SWINGS both with 3 hours of crying, or several hours of irritation, which is so not ME. I also could not stand for longer than 3 minutes without feeling like I had walked 5 miles, there were even days that I COULD NOT get myself out of bed. Cortisol was my endo's first guess, so they started with 20 mg of Cortef to try and help me get relief. It helped great for 2 days and then it stopped. When the remainder of the Insulin Tolerance Test came back about a week and a half later, and she said that an additional 10mg needed to be added along with Florinef, and since then I have greatly improved. It took a while, but I am about 85% back to myself. I still tire easily when standing still, but not as bad, but I am so much better. I am now on a low low dose of Lexapro which is helping with the mood swings until they get my TSH straightened out, along with me well from all of this trama I have been through over the last 5 months and this has really really really helped me. I was most hesitant to do it, but I am really glad I did. They had tried everything else. My TSH was at .06, and it was also determined that I had a really bad hormone imbalance with the Lh counts 11.3 and the fSH at 2.9. They tell me that these counts are reversed. Tried hormone replacement, and the first pill was disasterous.... I am most sensitive to medication. The dizziness is 90% gone if I stand still for too long it comes back. My cardiologist says blood pressure is dropping still, but dropping within the normal range, so they are not as worried. before I would go from 120/70 to 70/59 within a matter of seconds. I do know that my sodium and potassium were normal. I don't know if electrolytes were tested, but I assume that they were.
Wanda, I really don't know what to think. I got a second opinion because it took 6 weeks to get me to this point, and I was impatient with the fact that everything took forever. I went to a supposed master book writer in the field of thyroid, and was made to feel like a crazy person. He took everything that has been done to me so far and said it was misdiagnosed and I would not even be treated by him if I were his patient for adreanal insuffiency. I found him to have a huge ego. He did not even look at all the data I brought him, he focused on the anxiety, which in my opinion is a result of all of this. All I know is I feel better, and when this medicine is not taken on time, the symptoms begin to return. I went back to my original Endo who tends not to listen but is a breath of fresh air compared to what I experienced, and she is doing better at the moment with that. I think I scared her to death, because they could not find what was wrong. She knows my history, treated my misdiagnosed cancer, and managed to find the supposed problem. Now I just don't know. If I knew of a doctor who knew a lot about this I would go, I just don't, and I have learned you have to be so careful. My current doctor has a really good reputation, just not the best with one on one time, but has really gone out of her way when you look at the big picture. I just hope that other doctor is wrong, and she is not treating me unneccessarily. I go back to see her in January now unless something goes wrong again. That is how much I have improved. I have been going 3 times a week for the last 5 weeks.
Help!! What do I do???????

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