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As usual for most of us with addisons, you need to see another endo. You can have addisons without the antibodies. Seems most doctors in med school slept through the chapter on addisons.

I assume you were not on Cortef when your tests were done. Would be best to see another doc & go over your test results.

How long have you been taking 30mg Cortef? Are you gaining weight? 30mg Cortef will shut down your adrenals if they were working at all.

from another site............

Diagnostic tools
Diagnosis of Addison's disease may involve:
Complete detailed family history, with special attention to any other endocrine disorders.
Biochemical tests, which measure cortisol levels before and after a challenge injection of synthetic ACTH, known as a 'short synacthen test'. A 'long synacthen test' is done over several days in hospital. Synacthen tests will indicate the person's baseline level of cortisol production and their response to an increased need for cortisol in the body. An Addisonian may show a flat or reduced response.
Blood electrolyte and plasma renin tests will indicate if there is a need for mineralocorticoid replacement.
Anti-adrenal antibody test. If the result is positive, primary Addison's disease is definitively diagnosed. However, even if these antibodies do not exist, the person may still have Addison's disease.
X-rays, ultrasounds and CAT scans of the abdominal region to check for visual signs of damage and the size of adrenal glands.

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