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Wanda Please Help!!!
It has been several weeks and all of my tests are finally back in. I have low cortisol and low growth hormone, and it is being caused from adrenal insufficency not the pitutary even though I have a history of elevated prolactin with no tumor and a recent MRI that still shows no tumor. It was believed that I had Addison's as I suffer from all the symptoms except the darkened skin. The autoimmune antibody test showed negative, which my endo says means that I do not have addisons. I am confused because I have been reading and maybe I have misunderstood but does adrenal insufficency either signal addisons or secondary addisons. If not, could it develop into this later? I am currently taking 30 mg of cortef, .1 of florinef along with 75 mcg or Synthorid and .5 mcg of Cytomel along with Dostinex two times per week for my pituatary problem. I am so much better than 5 weeks ago, still dizzy and tired but not as bad. My thyroid levels are leveling off finally, I had cancer in July.
Here are the results from Insulin tolerance test, but I do not have any ranges sorry.
At 7:00 the baseline was Glucose 89 ACTH 21F Cortisol 18.2 GH .1f abd IGf 134f
At 8:35 Glucose 46cf ACTh 8f Cortisol 7.9 GH .1f IGF-1 131f
At 8:50 Glucose 49cf ACTH 178f Cortisol 15.2 GH 2.1f IGF-1 156F
9:05 Glucose 61L ACTH 127f Cortisol 21.2 GH 8.1f IGF-1 157f

The results I have from the Autoimmune test just say negative and Titer test not performed.

I also had the stim test which I passed which is why they were so suprised I had an adrenal problem.

I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME INTERPRET. All of this has been most overwhelming. I even had one doctor say this problem did not even need to be treated, which if this medicine goes past its dosage time for me I can hardly function, needless to say I will not be going back to him.

I am also severely hypoglaucimic.

Thanks for your input.

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