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I was hoping someone else would have some input for you. Seems most just read.

Please tell us how much Cortef you take. What time of day & how much for each dose?

If you feel you are just not doing well you could try Hydrocortisone, the generic for Cortef. The Hydrocortisone works better for me, but many use Cortef & do just fine.

It is hard to know how your cronic pain is affecting your replacement. I know it eats it up. It is not good to increase frequently. It is hard to figure out when you really should increase & how much.

The book says to only increase for a fever. I "totally" disagree with this because of my own experiences. When I get a cold I try to avoid broncitis or pneumonia, so I double for 2 or 3 days at "first sign" of a serious cold. I split the extra amount of a daily dose between a.m. & noon doses. The evening dose is kept at the amount I always take. We can double for 3 days & go right back to our normal dose.

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