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What mg is your prednisone tablet that you are taking half of...5,10 or 20mg?

I think your doc is wrong. If I got shingles I would take extra for 3 days when most severe to see if it helped. A normal persons cortisol would release automatically if needed. By finding all the people you can to talk to about their experiences you will learn much more than from any doctor.

The hard part of addisons is getting used to possibly not feeling exactly like you did before & pacing your self daily. I was diagnosed in 1998 & this still bugs me. Many of us have good days & bad days. I sometimes get lots done & some days nothing but what is necessary. I don't increase for anything except ""extreme"" tiredness, lack of sleep (less than 4 or 5 hours) if I can't rest during that day, feeling very cold (sign of low cortisol for me), injury or illness. Oh & when I have visitors for a week or so I add 5 to 10mg daily for the really busy days. If I don't I will go downhill & have to sit in a chair!

Let us know how your appointment goes.

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