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I'm not totally sure just yet if I have Addison's Disease, but I'm in the middle of getting a second opinion from another endo doctor who's willing to help me.

The new endo doctor I saw only took blood from me. Is this enough to test me for Addison's Disease? I thought I was suppose to have something injected in me (ACTH stimulation test)? However, I took a look at the paper work and saw multiple areas she looked into, including thyroid, Cortisol, ACTH, and diabetes.

Also.....I'm a little concered about my quality of life if it turns out that I have Addison's. I used to be heavily into health and fitness (bodybuilding in particular), and recieved my B.A. in Exercise Physiology last year. All of that was put on hold after I became sick last winter. Poor appetite along with nausea and extreme fatigue have been my biggest problems. I wanted to know if exercising and bodybuilding will still be possible to do if I indeed have Addison's Disease? Will proper treatment bring some sort of normalcy, even if I can't work out anymore? Thank you.

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